My Arabi Box is your destination for comprehensive, collaborative, self-directed and hands-on Arabic educational products to aid in creating a full language-learning experience for your child. Our curriculum and products are designed by Arabic educators and parents with over 15  years of experience in teaching Arabic.

Take ownership of your child’s Arabic learning journey and be an active part of their language growth! All reading materials and resources are tailored to an early learner.

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Our Arabic curriculum is developed by leading Arabic teachers and educators with over 15 years of teaching beginners Arabic. The curriculum is designed to enable a child, with the help of their parents or guardian, to begin reading Arabic in as little as 6 months. This timeframe can be shortened or prolonged in accordance with a child’s own pace.

Children vary in their learning pace and it is important that as educators, we are respective of this. So although our curriculum is designed to fit a 6 month learning routine, it is important that we are considerate of each child’s unique learning styles and pace and to work with them accordingly.


Children make creative choices in their learning and by giving them the right tools, resources and creative means to learning, they will be empowered to lead their learning journey – all while having fun. Our curriculums are equipped with self-guide elements to, with proper guidance, give them the means to lead their own work.


We firmly believe that learning through play and hands-on materials is extremely important for children. When learning is accompanied with hands-on tools catering to all learning types

Collaborative & Inviting

Our resources are inviting for all family members to play together and be an active part of their child’s language learning journey! Collaborative play teaches vital social skills that help children grow through everyday play. This serves a critical role in learning and retaining new skill sets.


My Arabi Box is NOT a subscription-based box. Items are sold individually.

Our curriculum is suitable for ages 4+. Our learning resources and children’s literature are suitable for ages 2+. There is something for all littles out there starting their Arabic learning journey.

Yes, we do! We sell globally.

Our Children’s Literature is a great resource for families who want to build their child’s Arabic library. A new book drop every Tuesday! You can order through our website or direct message us on instagram to get your copy. Quantities are limited and usually sell out within 24 hrs!

Our curriculum and resources include transliteration to allow you to be an active part of your children's Arabic learning journey no matter how little Arabic you know.